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"No-makeup" makeup advocate

I love love love makeup!!!!  Having a lot of natural redness in my face and not being blessed with thick eyebrows or long eyelashes, I have always relied on makeup to enhance my features.  At the same time, I don't want makeup to be the focal point and I want people to recognize my natural features.  That is what inspires my ideas for B.U. (that is, "Be You") MAKEUP; accentuate what you have!

I understand that certain events call for heavier applications of makeup because otherwise it may not show up on film, but I always strive to not change facial features entirely while maintaining and accentuating natural beauty.  Be beautiful!  Be real!  BE YOU!!



In high school, I did makeup for classmates for proms and other outings with very few makeup items available to me. Beyond that, I did not pursue makeup artistry more seriously because I believed most people do their own makeup. Later in life, I went to the Paul Mitchell School in Sacramento to become an aesthetitian in order to follow my passion for skin care, and my belief that beautiful skin provides the foundation for beautiful makeup. My experience at Paul Mitchell led me to pursue makeup on its own while still caring for the skin by applying the techniques learned in school.

I have lived in Tahoe since 2003 and I have worked in the customer service industry since that time; I look forward to applying my customer service experience in order to make your wedding day a little less stressful!!